Jewelry Care


With proper care, you can preserve the beauty of your special bonjoojoo pieces for a longer time with our tips and tricks.

·        Take your jewelry off when you apply everyday substances such as lotions, scents, hairsprays, or other cosmetics.

·        Store your jewelry properly in the pouches that come with it.

·        Do not wear the pieces during physical activity. This includes cleaning, housework, and working out.

·        Bring your bonjoojoo pieces to get it professional inspected. Professional jewellers can help with resizing, cleaning, and repair. We recommend regular                                 inspections.

·        If you want to clean your jewelry at home, gently scrub the piece with a soft-head brush using mild soap and warm water.

·        Be aware of potential jewelry scratches when stacking several rings or layering pendants and necklaces.

·        Avoid exposure to sunlight or the direct heat.

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